Copdock Cricket Club: Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Aerial shot of the completed solar panel installation

We installed 30 solar panels and 11.6 kWh of battery storage

Copdock and Old Ipswichians Cricket Club has been around since 1839 and despite it's age, is amongst the most forward thinking Cricket Club in EastAnglia. And here's why...

The project Overview

Martin Taylor, Head of Cricket, was aware that the club wanted to reduce their carbon foot print, add value to the property and reduce their energy bills over the longer term, and realised that a solar panel installation, with sufficient battery storage, would be the answer.

Lanman Solar were amongst the firms to quote for the work and won the contract.

After an initial survey and some analysis of the club's power requirements and usage, Lanman Solar suggested an initial first step of installing 30 panels and 11.6 kWh of battery storage and a hot water diverter to heat the water for the changing rooms with any excess energy created by the panels too.

The club were so proud of their new installation that they planned an 'official opening' of the system and Greg Newman (one of Lanman's co founders)  cut the ribbon, which was very professionally held by his children :-)

Picture of Greg cutting the ribbon to officially launch the solar panel installation at Copdock Cricket Club
"Fab people to work with, very responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them."

This was only done 2 months ago at the time of writing, but the solar panel installation system has already saved over 3 tons of carbon and reduced the clubs electricity bills by over 60%!

We are currently in talks to undertake a second larger phase of work to further increase their renewable power generation, so watch this space!