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 reduce your energy bills, increase the value of your property and lower your carbon footprint

Welcome to Lanman Solar, the leading solar panel installers in East Anglia. Offering only the best solar technologies, clear, competitive pricing, and a genuine dedication to delivering renewable energy solutions. We’re the genuine specialist for any solar-related service.

Our experts are available for callout across Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and some other neighbouring counties too. Book a time for us to visit and we’ll be there to conduct a survey.

Domestic Solar PV Panel Installation Pricing

We know that solar pv panels can be an intimidating investment, but unlike some companies, we like to remain completely transparent and upfront with our pricing, and we have a few examples for you to look through below;

1.5kW Solar PV System
0% VAT for domestic installs
  • 1.5 kW output
  • Fully installed system
  • Lanman solar icon showing that our solar panel installation projects which are solar panel only don't have a battery included as standard
    Without battery storage
  • All paperwork and documentation
  • Online monitoring
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4kW Solar PV System
0% VAT for domestic installs
  • 4kW output
  • Fully installed system
  • Lanman solar icon showing that our solar panel installation projects which are solar panel only don't have a battery included as standard
    Without battery storage
  • All paperwork and documentation
  • Online monitoring
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4kW Solar PV & Battery
0% VAT for domestic installs
  • 4.0kW output + 4.8kW storage
  • Fully installed system
  • Including battery storage
  • All paperwork and documentation
  • Online monitoring
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Lanman Solar price guarantee image
Lowest Price Promise!
We use our size and buying power to ensure you get our tier 1 approved brands at the lowest possible prices - but if you do find an equivalent system at a cheaper price, let us know and we'll still do our best to beat it!
* based on a quote from another fully regulated and accredited company



Solar PV panels tailored to your needs.

A huge amount of our work is for commercial clients. From high street shops to large industrial properties. Arrange a free on site survey and panel design for your business today.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation at Ipswich Sports Centre
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Check Out Our Solar Installation Accreditations!

A 2 year workmanship warranty & all work is fully certified to give you complete peace of mind.

MCSC Certification for lanman solar for solar panel installationsPart P certification for lanman solar and their solar panel fittingJIB Certification for Lanman Solar and their solar panel guaranteed installsRECC and approved trading standards logosSuffolk Trusted Trader LogoGivEnergy Authorised Installer Logo

Lanman Solar

Hear from our Clients

But don't just take our word for it!

We recently installed a full solar panel and battery storage system for Copdock & OI Cricket Club, and Martin Taylor (Head of Cricket) was kind enough to say a few words about his experience of working with Lanman Solar:


Latest Lanman Solar case studies & news

Please see below for the latest news and information on all things Lanman Solar, covering our installations, business and industry news!

MCS-Rated Solar PV
Panels + More

Solar panel installation is our speciality. These cutting-edge cells are creating a greener, more sustainable future, one roof at a time - and we’re here to help with every aspect of them. Whether you’re in need of installation, servicing, maintenance, or – as you’ll find elsewhere on our site – battery replacement and retrofitting, we’re the people to call.
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Solar Panel Installation Specialists Award Logo
Award winning Solar Panel Installers!
We were very proud to have won the BUILD Environmental Sustainability Award for "Solar Panel Installation Specialists for East Anglia"

Our Process for Installing Solar PV Panels

At Lanman Solar, we make sure our installation processes as efficient and straightforward as possible. Below, we’ve laid out a generalised guide to how we approach our solar panel installation jobs.

Phone icon to call Lanman Solar

1. Initial phone consultation.

You can get in touch with us at any time to have a free telephone or email consultation, during which time we’ll gather as many details about your project as possible, before providing an accurate quote and desktop survey design for our services. While we’re at it, we can answer any questions you may have about switching to solar power and how we can help.

2. Property Survey

Before we start installation work, we prefer to get a solid handle on your property’s layout and specifications with a brief yet thorough survey assessment. We want to ensure that the most optimal solar panel solution is put in place for your home, which is why we always perform the survey in person, and by one of our fully accredited electrical installation engineers (not just a salesman!).
Lanman Solar's solar panel and battery installation icon

3. Solar Installation Begins

Once we have agreed a date that works for you for your solar panel installation project, we will have the necessary scaffolding put up and begin the installation of your new solar panels and batteries. We’ll fit your solar panels so they are optimised for collecting the maximum solar energy possible, inline with our design. Upon wrapping up the solar installation, we'll conduct all the final tests and talk you through how to use your online monitoring, which is all included in the price!
Lanman Solar's after care icon

4. After care.

All our work comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty and is fully certified and accredited. We doubt there will be any issues with your PV solar panels and battery, but we are local only to East Anglia, so are here anytime you need us - so always feel you can get back in touch anytime!

Benefits of Switching to Solar Solutions

  with Lanman Solar.

We strongly believe that switching to sustainable solar energy is the best way to power your home, and help the environment while doing so. There are many physical, financial, and environmental advantages to using solar panels – keep reading to see for yourself!

Fully accredited Solar Experts

Not all solar power experts have the necessary certifications to perform safe solar panel installations. Our team of experienced professional electrical engineers’ accreditations include MCS, Part-P, CSCS and more. Just another reason to choose Lanman Solar.

Specialist Solar Installers for East Anglia

As you can probably guess, we’re stark-raving about solar power! Our laser focus on solar panel installation means you can depend on us for it and more. Furthermore, we offer our expertise to customers across East Anglia – whether you’re in Norwich or Cambridge, we’ll be able to reach you.

Our Co-Founder has over 15 Years Experience

Our Co-Founder is proud to have been working on solar panel installations for over 15 years, and we hope to continue providing affordable solar panels to our customers throughout East Anglia for many decades to come!

Quality Customer-Focused Service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority during every stage of our interactions – before, during, and after installation or maintenance is finished. Friendly and approachable, our team can provide round-the-clock support and answer any questions you may have
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For a solar panel servicing company that doesn’t mess around, look no further than Lanman Solar – just fill in our contact form for a quick, easy callback. 

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1 tree

We plant one tree for every day we work on a solar panel installation!

* and we've already made a forest!
Lanman Solar plants one tree for every solar panel installation we carry out - with the treeapp foundation

The tree app has now planted over 1 million trees worldwide!

Our Solar Installation Services

Solar PV panel installation is our bread and butter, so you can always expect the best quality products and fittings. With years’ worth of accumulated experience and expertise, we’re flexible enough to install solar panels for multiple property types, from semi-detached homes to large warehouses.

Domestic Solar Panel Installation

We deal with a great number of different home solar installations, which can be just as varied as commercial or industrial ones. During our initial discussions and property surveys, we’ll take into account the size and layout of your home’s roofing structure before helping you decide on the ideal solar panel solution for you.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

We also perform solar panel installation in the commercial sector. Whether you have a small business on the high street or a large industrial factory on the outskirts of town, we’ll always have the perfect solar panel package for your building. Call our team today for a thorough survey of your property.

Solar Servicing and Maintenance

If your solar panels are getting on in years, then having them maintained and serviced by trained professionals, can go a long way in ensuring their long-term functionality. It can also help to replace your inverter with our 10 year warranty, if productivity starts to drop over time. Our skilled technicians can perform maintenance work whenever your system needs some additional fine-tuning and TLC.

Watch Out for Our Solar Battery Services

Whether you would like a battery retrofitted to your existing PV solar panel installation, or would like a newer, or better battery to replace your current older battery storage solution - then don't hesitate to:
Visit our solar battery installation page

Solar Panel Installation FAQs

How much does solar panel installation cost?

Pricing guidelines for our MCS Tier 1 MCS Tier 1 solar power systems and batteries can be found on our website. For solar panels alone, pricing starts at £3,175 without VAT; considering the quality of the products used and the excellent installation standards at Lanman Solar, you won’t find many better deals than this. Our more premium package, which includes both solar panel and battery installation, starts at £10,850, also without VAT. For solar batteries alone, pricing starts from £3,800, VAT included. All of these are the most lowballed price estimates we offer – in many cases, there will be additional charges. For a more detailed, bespoke pricing breakdown of our services, call our friendly team today!

In which direction should solar panels be installed in the East of England?

It’s best to face your solar panels in a direction that’s likely to be exposed to the most sunlight and therefore collect the most solar energy. As the UK is in the northern hemisphere, the sun tends to peak in the south, so that’s the direction most solar panels should be facing. Of course, you may be limited in control over this if your home’s roofing slants in a north-facing direction. In this context, you may be better served by ground-mounted solar panels or another kind of renewable energy system.  

If you’re not sure about the direction your solar panels should be facing, a quick consultation with our team should provide all the information you need.

How long does solar panel installation take?

Solar panel installation on an average-sized property should take no longer than two days. The size and complexity of solar panel installations can vary, both factors which can affect the deadline. After our consultations and property surveys, we can provide you with an estimated timeframe for the completion of your solar installation.

Can more panels be added to my solar power system at a later date?

Yes, if there is more room on your rooftop for more solar panels, we’ll be happy to expand on your current installation, especially if they can be added to your existing inverter without re-applying for approval. Solar cells naturally degrade over time, though at a very slow rate –they can potentially continue working at peak performance for over 25 years with good maintenance! With this in mind, performing repairs, replacements or retrofitting parts for your existing solar panels may also be an option. Moderating your energy consumption could also be something to consider. In short, it can certainly be done. A consultation with our team can help you to decide the best course of action for improving the efficiency of your solar panel system, as there are complexities to consider, especially if you are on a feed in tariff.

Can solar panels be installed on the ground?

Solar panels can indeed be mounted on ground-level stilts, angled to face the sun when it rises. This can be an ideal solution if your property is less compatible with roof-mounted solar panels due to the materials used in construction or the angling of the tiles. However, ground-mounted solar panels are less likely to obtain the optimal amount of solar radiation needed to power a larger property unless you have a wide open space available for them.

Do I get online monitoring with my solar panel package?

Yes, online monitoring comes with every one of our solar panel and battery packages. Online monitoring refers to real-time updates on solar electricity generation. Check out our product package guidelines to discover more built-in benefits that come with each one, including full installation, paperwork and documentation.

Do you offer any financing options?

Yes, we partner with Phoenix Financial to offer finance options. The Lanman Group Limited is an introducer appointed representative of Phoenix Financial Consultants Limited ("Phoenix"). Phoenix is a credit broker that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 539195) which offers finance for home improvement projects from its panel of lenders. All finance subject to status and credit checks.


Solar Panel
Cost Calculator

If you're after an intial 'ball park' cost for your solar panel installation, then please fill in the available roof space you have available for the installation, and we'll show you the cost and power generation possible (solar panel, and solar panel & battery options) *
For an accurate quote though, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly for your bespoke desktop proposal and / or on-site survey. Both are free and with no obligation. All we'll need initally is you full address and latest energy bill.
* in order to provide a rough estimat, we have had to make some assumptions here as follows:
Based on 35 degree roof pitch on concrete tiles, south facing roof, scaffolding not included, 5.8kwh battery storage, simple cable runs being within 20m of fuseboard, outside installation, energy assumptions based on location in Suffolk using approved MCS methodology.