Pear Tree Farm: Domestic Solar Panel Installation

Image of the complete solar panel installation on the bespoke ground mount system for Pear Tree Farm

We put 32 solar panels and 3 batteries on this domestic property, with a car charger too for good measure!

The owner of Pear Tree Farm had an interesting dilemma. They knew they wanted to benefit from a cheaper, greener solar energy solution - but had the challenge of getting around planning permission, as their home is listed. They came to speak to Lanman Solar to see what we could do to get around this problem.

The Solution

We solved the issue by designing, building and installing a bespoke ground mount system, which we built on some unused land they had on their grounds.

Picture of the bespoke build ground mount system
Image of the bespoke built ground mount system, before we added the solar panel array

We then installed 32 solar panels on the ground mount system - which are capable of producing 13.4 KWp!

In order to maintain the beautiful settings which the house sits in, we managed to tuck the ground mount system away from the main part of the house, in an area of their garden people rarely visited! (Although we still think bespoke build ground mount system looks rather beautiful regardless!)

"I want to say how pleased we have been with the whole transaction from day one up to the final commissioning. It is not that common these days to find a company where the phone is answered by a human and where time deadlines, schedules and cost estimates are adhered to. The friendly contact with your office via Amelia and working with Pietro and his team all added to the satisfaction"

In addition to the solar array, we also installed 3 batteries and a car charger, which means the client can cover most of their electricity and petrol needs from the solar array alone!

Another happy customer from Lanman Solar!