Wood Farm Barn: Domestic Solar Panel Installation

Image of Wood Farm Barn - showing the 16 strong solar panel array over the garage

We put 16 panels and 3 batteries on this property - saving on their electricity, oil, and petrol usage in one go!

This was a particularly interesting project to work on, as the client had such an interesting and broad renewable energy brief for us to solve! This client wanted a fairly big system as they wanted to power their house, car and heat their water using as much solar energy as possible...

The Solar Solution!

Following a few meetings with the owners regarding their energy requirements, we agreed to put 16 panels and 3 batteries on this property - which would cover over 80% of their annual energy usage and would pay for itself within 6 years!The solar array is now capable of generating 6.7 KWp, and we teamed this up with 14.4 kWh of battery storage, to ensure none of the renewable power generated goes to waste.

Close up of the 16 solar panel array on Wood Farm Barn
Close up of the solar panel array on Wood Farm Barn

We also added a hot water diverter to this property too, so any surplus energy produced (once the batteries are full) would go to heat the water in the immersion tank - rather than them needing to use their oil tank to heat the water all of the time.

The client also uses an electric car - so we also installed a car charger - and the solar panel array also powers that too!

Image of the car being charged at Wood Farm Barn
Image of the car being charged at Wood Farm Barn, using their newly installed car charger - powered by the solar panels!
"Thank you Pietro and team for your excellent service. Would highly recommend Lanman Solar."

So this particular solar panel installation system, not only saves on the amount of electricity purchased from the grid, but also saves on the oil for heating their water, and on the petrol for powering their car too!

So a pretty effective green solution for this family, which they are absolutely delighted with!